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Giuliana's Geckos!! 

Giuliana's Geckos is a small high-end gecko breeder located in Greeley, Colorado. I, myself Nicholetta~Giuliana, am crazy about geckos. My passion for animals started when I was young and I am now living out my childhood dream of working with animals every day. I also own and operate Wild Things Exotic Pets in Colorado. I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for producing amazing geckos as well as being a positive and uplifting influence and a strong educator within the reptile community! I currently specialize in wildly bright crested geckos. I am most passionate about the Soft Scale Gene Mutation and focus primarily on using that gene to enhance many different traits within my Crested Gecko collection. I also currently breed Gargoyle Geckos, Uroplatus Sikorae/Sameiti, Leachianus, Eurydactylodes , Tokay Geckos, and Asian Water Monitors. I have many different reptiles as pets, four dogs and a miniature farm with cows, donkeys, and ponies. I love networking with others so please never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!

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